CareLink Demo Site Links

Admin Area

Designed For Medical Practitioners and Office Administrators of a Mobile Medical Practice to be used in an office setting.
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Care Collaboration
  • System Configuration
  • Full Patient Management
  • Reports

Mobile Log On

Designed for use by providers on the road without having to carry a full laptop.
  • Mobile Log On for Providers or Medical Assistants
  • View Schedule
  • Turn By Turn Directions
  • Check into Appointments
  • Sign Orders through your Phone

Scheduling Only

CareLink Scheduling Module only. Collaboration Features have been disabled
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Patient Reminders
  • New Patient Workbook

Facility Portal

Designed for use in Assisted livings and Care Home managing the care of patients within your practice.
  • Facility Log On
  • Manage Facility Users
  • Send and Receive Documents
  • Receive Electronic Orders
  • Send and Receive Patient Inquiries

Specialist Portal

Designed for use by specialists organization such as (Home Health, Hospice, Podiatry, Pain Management, etc..)
  • Receive Electronic Orders
  • Download F2F Forms and Request new F2F (Home Health Only)
  • Add New Patients

Collaborating Physician

Designed For Collaborating Physicians that are supporting an NP or PA led practice.
  • Sign Home Health Face to Faces
  • View Home Health Face to Faces

Integrated Website

Use our professionally designed mobile medical theme links directly to you CareLink system.
  • SEO and Conversion Optimized
  • Map and coverage areas pulled from your Carelink system
  • Use your own Domain Name